Junior High Academic Team

The West Platte Jr. High Academic Team is a group of 7th and 8th grade students who love trivia and competition. We have 6 meets a season: 3 away and 3 at home. Questions on almost any subject are asked and the students buzz in with an answer. We generally have 2 to 3 teams with 5 students playing from each team at a time. There are rooms set up for each team and if we have 3 teams and another school only has 2 we still rotate them so all teams play.

Mission: To get students excited about learning new information and remembering things they have previously learned. Finally, it is about working as part of a team to grow into a well-rounded adult.

Meetings: We begin practicing the last week of November. Practice is held two evenings a week from 3:15 to 4:30.

Participation: Any student who is in Jr. High can participate.

Dues: No fees. We do, however, like to go to dinner to celebrate our last away meet.


Danielle Glynn
816-640-2292 x2205

Cara Simmons
816-640-2292 x2111